De School

Published online in citizenM Magazine


15 July 2016

Berlin’s infamous underground club scene came alive in Amsterdam’s former techno temple Trouw.

From 2010 until 2015, our little Berghain perched modestly on the Amstel was proof that even the most industrial, cold atmospheres can house some of the best heart-felt nights filled with pure effervescence between a DJ and a crowd. Naturally, when its owners announced its official closure in January 2014, the dedicated frequenters were devastated. The only question that remained was: what’s next? And that is how Trouw was reincarnated into De School.

Olaf Boswijk and his compatriots got together and decided against the discontinuation of this little gem. Moving the party from the East to the West of Amsterdam, they opened a multi-purpose venue similar to Trouw in an old technical high school and coined it De School. Somehow they managed to merge a gym, night club, art space, café and restaurant perfectly in the wilderness of Rembrandtpark. Not a single thread of Trouw’s reputation was lost in translation.

A few things can be guaranteed for a night out at De School: up and coming DJs with beats that will resonate in your bones until the morning (or evening) after, an albeit young but extremely energetic and sociable crowd, bananas to purchase all night long, appropriate lines for the mixed gender bathrooms, girls with 90’s chokers and adidas tees, and a buzzing smoking room. The only down side is that the main hall for dancing is downstairs in the high school’s bunker, which is extremely dark. Though you can easily get lost in this oasis of music and flashing lights, it also means being transported into the early hours of the morning without a drop of conscience.

It is an experience that every techno aficionado, especially those coming from Berlin, should have. De School also has quite a low-key restaurant with a good reputation, along with an art space that is opening soon. During the summer time, it’s great to wander around Rembrandtpark and step inside for a refreshing drink or salad to witness the innocent side of this little haven. 

As Charles Bukowski wisely noted: “Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.”


De School
Dr. Jan van Breemenstraat 1  
1056 AB Amsterdam